Livegate– Interactive Live Kiosk


Livegate– Interactive Live Kiosk

  • A new era in customer services concept
     Clients demand the best, immediately, actively.

  • See and speak to your clients face-2-face, real time. Even if they are far away.

  • Disabled customers? Assist them via sign language from far away.

  • Should you provide a document of proof, submit it instantly.

  • Need to see a paper copy of client’s causal document? Instantly in your hands.

  • Required to employ staff for customer services in each location? No more.
    A few “skilled one” will suffice to serve all through territory/market/globe.

  • Several organizations can provide services via Livegate® thanks to centralized management software. (Such as; providing public services from a single point ).

  • All these are no more just a dream thanks to LiveGate

LiveGate® is a real-time, interactive media for live customer support.

It is composed of a
Touch monitored computer, A large size (42″) screen to display live crew video,A photo capture module to send document copies, A printer unit for document print-out or written guides, Camera and mic. for audio-visual communication.

Clients can :
-Contact real-time from any place to discuss their problems,
-Send copies of their causal documents to constitute their claims,
-Receive print outs as bill, receipt, ticket, maps, invitations etc.,
-Directly talk to crew without being forced to press blind buttons.

Crew can :
-Contact to all clients located on different cities, positions,
-Put in queue to reply applicants from many locations,
-Audibly hear exact claim and react definitely,
-Visually detect clients without being subject to fradulent intents,
-All video, audio and process can be recorded for quality/security purposes.

Optionally, Phone hook, Bill acceptor, bluetooht adapter, e-signature, fingerprint scanner and various Card readers can be supplemented